List of The Most Beautiful Rivers In The US

List of The Most Beautiful Rivers In The US

Hudson River, New York

The Hudson has been a popular waterway since the early 1600s when navigator Henry Hudson stumbled upon its magical waters, later on serving as a gateway to the center of the US that created some competition between the English and Dutch for administration. The beauty of the Hudson river was so captivating that its agrarian landscapes led to its own style of artwork – known as the Hudson River School – and worked as an inspiration for writer Washington Irving’s short stories. Rising in the Upstate Adirondack Mountains, the river runs through the Hudson Valley until it enters the Atlantic Ocean, working as the boundary between New York and New Jersey. While the Hudson makes for a stylish Manhattan photo op, the river is best seen in its eastern part corners, where it’s enclosed by serene wilderness and leafy foliage.

Colorado River, Arizona

Aquamarine waters, Rushing Rapids, and steep canyon walls are what makes this big river’s beauty unparalleled. Accountable for carving out the red-tinged walls of the famed Grand Canyon many thousands of years ago, the Colorado River is a preference amongst naturalists and photographers, possessing dramatic canyons and serene desert scenes. To best experience, its natural elegance, book a rafting excursion or multi-day hike alongside the canyon floors or even opt for one of the several other points along with its 1,450-mile-long range from the Rockies to Mexico.

Snake River, Wyoming

Flowing for more than 1,000 miles through Idaho, Wyoming, and Washington, the Snake River boasts some of the most scenic views of the countryside in the country, surrounded by rolling plains, rugged mountains, and deep valleys – the outcome of glacial erosion in the last Ice Age. As the biggest tributary of the Columbia River, the Snake River presents many opportunities to experience its attraction along its route from the Yellowstone National Park through Idaho Falls, Boise, Jackson, Twin Falls, and Lewiston; the best views, though, come from Hells Canyon – a deep gorge near the borders of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Rio Grande River, Texas

The Rio Grande, flowing a total of1,896 miles from south-central Colorado into the Gulf of Mexico, is sorrowfully diminishing in different parts – including the segment from El Paso to Ojinaga – due to drought conditions and over-appropriation between New Mexico,Colorado, and Texas, with only 20 percent of its natural outflow emptying into the Gulf. While the river remains endangered by pollution and deterioration, its attraction can still be enjoyed in Texas’s Big Bend National Park, wherever the deep blue waters flow freely.

Tennessee River, Tennessee

Famed for its naming in the 1979 novel Suttree and country music performer Alabama’s song ‘Tennessee River,’ this stream has been an important route for boat travel since the late 17th century when the river was used as a major highway for transporting goods and travelers – many of which lived along its banks. Once the ‘River of the Cherokees,’ this river springs at the confluence of the Holston and French Broad rivers where it goes on to flow for 652 miles before connecting with the Ohio River in Kentucky region. As part of the Great Loop, this River provides for the circumnavigation of the southeastern United States by cutting the trip to the Gulf by hundreds of miles.

Tennessee River, Tennessee

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