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Michael Jordan’s Kids, Family, daughter, sons

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Michael Jordan’s Kids

It’s not difficult to figure out whose family we are going to meet next, the title gave it all away, didn’t it? Anyways, just like we said, we are taking some of the concentration off the basketball star ( we said ‘some’) and pointing it at the people who seemingly see the Michael that we don’t get to see. In a way, we are simply getting to know him a little bit more, therefore without further ado, let’s meet Michael Jordan’s kids and family.

Michael Jordan’s Kids

Michael Jordan has 5 kids in total; the first three children are from his ex-wife, Juanita Vanoy ( this is a story for another day) while the last two are from his current wife, Yvette Prieto Jordan. We have so much more information on Michael Jordan’s children, so let’s get as up, close and personal as we can on this story.

Michael Jordan’s Kids; Jeffrey Jordan

He was born, with real name Jeffrey Michael Jordan on November 18, 1988, to Michael and his first wife called Juanita. As the son of a basketball star, it was only logical for him to try his hands on the game. He attended Loyola Academy located in Wilmette, and much like his father, he dabbled in a sport or two, he performed well in football in his sophomore study year, but later opened his basketball career.

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Again, just like his father, he was offered numerous basketball scholarships upon his high school graduation back in in 2007, and he went with the University of Illinois, majoring in Psychology course and was given a full study scholarship. 2 years down the road and the basketball goal wasn’t all it was cut out to be, so Jeff dropped the team to focus on school and then ‘life after basketball’.Michael Jordan’s Kids

It would appear that the young Jordan was pretty undecided, though, since after he joined the team the following year, then transferred to the University of Central Florida, where his younger brother was attending. Then he similarly left the UCLF basketball team for some ‘personal reasons’ this time around.

These times, the young Jordan is branching into retail, and we aren’t talking about Costco and Walmart, but according to the CNBC, he is hoping to leverage the influence of his father’s legendary brand to create his own permanent legacy. He told CNBC in an interview that ‘I have been around Jordan label apparel my entire life, the way the culture is changing is a great opportunity.’

Michael Jordan’s Kids; Marcus Jordan

Marcus was born 2 years following his brother on December 24, 1990. He likewise made an effort to succeed in his father’s footsteps, playing high school football with his more experienced brother at Loyola Academy, but he was later on shifted to Whitney Young High School in Chicago for his junior and senior learning seasons.

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Marcus also began a college basketball career at the UCLF and was even joined by his other brother in 2012, but that very year he gave up football and proceeded with his classes. The younger Jordan brother is likewise currently in the retail business, following graduating with a degree in hospitality management.

He runs a shoe store named ‘Trophy Room,’ and together, the brothers hope to create an empire and keep the Jordan legacy active.

Micheal Jordan’s Kids; Jasmine Mickael Jordan

She was born on December 7 of 1992, and she is Michael’s lastborn child with his ex-wife, Juanita. What is this special Jordan known for? Well, in the year 2013, she came out as a gay, and what better way to do it than to post a collection of pictures with your girlfriend on social platform Instagram?

She must have received some negative feedback since she added this to a post on the ‘gram, ‘ I don’t acknowledge myself a celebrity or anything like that, I’m a human being. Nothing more or even less! But PLEASE save your negativity for someone else who’s going to give a damn about it. That’s not me, though.’

This was clearly one of those situations where people experiment in college because as fresh as April of 2019, Jasmine posted a photograph of her and her new love affair, and it’s a man, with surprisingly large feet.

Michael Jordan’s Kids; Victoria and Ysabel

Apparently, Michael was still in the child making business 2 years ago, as he and his most current wifey welcomed their twin baby girls named, Victoria and Ysabel, into the world on February 9, 2014.

Since then, they have done a pretty good job keeping the little girls out of the spotlight, but time is a-ticking, and the paparazzi is a-lurking.

Michael Jordan’s Family

So here’s the professionals family tree; he was born to Deloris Jordan and the late James R. Jordan. The pair had five children, Michael, James Jr., Larry, Delores, and Roslyn. Michael was married to Juanita Vanoy for 17 years. In mid-2013, he married his present spouse Yvette Prieto, and the couple got started on building their own family.

Is Michael Jordan Dead?

The professional basketball player is still alive and healthy, rumours of his death has been going around social media but that’s fake news as we know it.

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