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The x factor auditions 2021

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The x factor auditions 2019

The X Factor show is a British reality television music competition show to find new music talent across a diverse selection of people, it begins from x factor auditions all the way to the finals. The contestants are enthusiastic singers pulled from public auditions. X factor Created by Simon Cowell, the program began broadcasting on the 4rth of September 2004 with about 445 episodes broadcast over fifteen TV series as of 2 December of 2018. The show is presented by Fremantle’s Thames (formerly Talkback Thames) and Cowell’s Tv production company Syco Entertainment. It is aired on the ITV network in the UK and simulcast on the Virgin Media One in Ireland.

The XFactor Judges

The original judging council consisted of Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh, and Cowell. In the year 2005, Paula Abdul joined the X factor show as a guest judge while Osbourne was away then joined the judges panel in late 2006 for three sets of X factor auditions. Brian Friedman temporarily replaced Walsh in the fourth TV series, which similarly saw Dannii Minogue join the judge’s panel. Friedman left the show during the auditions, and then Walsh replaced Friedman. Cheryl Cole also replaced Osbourne in the fifth television series. Kelly Rowland, Gary Barlow, and Tulisa joined the judging panel in the eighth series as the replacements for Minogue, Cowell, and Cole.The x factor auditions 2019

Rowland quit before the ninth X factor series and was then replaced by Nicole Scherzinger. Osbourne reverted to the panel in the tenth series, substituting Tulisa. Cowell and Cole (later on Fernandez-Versini) returned to succeed Barlow and Osbourne in the eleventh series, while Mel B also replaced Scherzinger. In the twelfth Tv series, Mel B and Walsh were superseded by Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw respectively.

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For the thirteenth and fourteenth X factor series, Walsh, Osbourne, and Scherzinger then returned, succeeding Grimshaw, Fernandez-Versini, and Ora. After the conclusion of the latter X factor series, Walsh and Scherzinger left after thirteen and four years sequentially, as a judge, and Osbourne also announced she would only come back for the live shows; before it was, later on, announced that she quit.

X-Factor Stages

There are five stages to the competition:

  • Stage 1: Producers’ auditions stage – these auditions are un-televised, and determine who will sing in front of the judges
  • Stage 2: Judges’ auditions stage – either in an audition studio (series 1–5, 13–14), an arena (for series 6–9, 12, 15–), or both (for series 10–11)
  • Stage 3: Bootcamp – a range of challenges and knockout rounds (for series 1–9), the Six-Chair Challenge (for series 10–11, 15–) or both (for series 12–14)
  • Stage 4: Judges’ houses stage – either pre-recorded (for series 1–11, 13–) or live (for series 12)
  • Stage 5: Live shows (For the finals)

The XFactor Auditions 2020

A round of first X factor auditions is held in front of producers some months before the show is aired live, either by application and appointment or even at the “open” auditions that anyone can also attend. These auditions, conducted at different venues around the UK, draw very large enthusiastic crowds. The auditions themselves are not live televised, but shots of the enormous crowds waving at the “judges’ cars” arriving at the scenes are filmed and later on spliced in with the live televised auditions shot later on in the year.

The production team supplies the vast crowds with “home-made” signs. After remaining at the venue for many hours and filming more inserts of screaming and happy cheerful waving, candidates are then given a brief audition by someone who is from the production team. Should they pass that audition level(either for reasons of ability or for the potential of making a great, entertaining television), they are presented with a “golden ticket” that enables them to sing to a more superior production member. Only the select candidates who successfully reach that second and third X factor auditions are formally invited to perform to the judges panel. The televised version of the show misrepresents the process by indicating that the entire huge cheering crowds all play to the judges.

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