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Top 10 best us license plates for different states

by Exposeuk
Top 10 best us license plates

A license plate in the US will show the vehicle registration details and the owner. Different states in the US have different license plates which are easy to differentiate. But what are the best license plates in the US? Here is our list of the best license plates in the US.

1. South Carolina

Top 10 best us license plates

Dreamy, warm…excellent. South Carolina’s license plate does it for us. The tree and the moon work together perfectly with the gradient over the tall mountains. (Yes, we are hypocrites for choosing SC as No. 1 when they have a contemptible website at the base which we made such a big deal around above, but just for…let it goes, rather pleases?)

2. New Mexico

Love the Southwest color patterns. Love the shades, which are interesting, distinctive, and at the same time alluring. Moreover, we admire the fact that they included the country, just to simplify. Walter White, too.

3. Wyoming

Top 10 best us license plates,Wyoming

A cowboy with a winged horse? Mountains and the blue sky speckled with cool cumulus clouds? Weird spacing put between the alphanumeric sections? Sold.

4. Utah

Top 10 best us license plates Utah

Big, grand, and very colorful. We love the reality that Utah’s license plate looks just like Road Runner just ran through it.

5. Colorado

Top 10 best us license plates, colorado

This mile-HIGH state aces the license plate. Excellent top mountain graphics, reminiscent colors—they know what they are doing, always.

6. Arizona

Top 10 best us license plates

Saguaro, The Grand Canyon reef, the sweet shades…it just reminds us of Spring Training time, when everything’s fresh and anything’s possible.

7. Washington

Top 10 best us license plates

The colors are very soft and alluring, the mountain is gorgeous, and the typeface very simple and understated. Regrettably, it’s flat, not embossed.

8. Alaska

Top 10 best us license plates

Vintage-looking material might be a little bit played out, but not in the license silverware world. We dig Alaska’s timeless, traditional look.

9. Idaho

Top 10 best us license plates

The gradient works just as a picturesque evening, the “scenic” doesn’t take away from its state name, and how bout them big potatoes?

10. Maine

Top 10 best us license plates

This license number plate has us divided. At a glimpse, it looks magnificent. The colors blend together well, the bird is distinct, and the typeface is wide since the “Maine” is short. However, when you heat it down, it’s just a bird and a simple flower. But did you know that Maine is the only state with only one syllable in it? Well, now, you know.

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