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8 best snorkeling in us virgin islands

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8 best snorkeling in us virgin islands

Snorkeling is the recreational practice of swimming on or within a body of water while outfitted with a unique diving mask, a molded breathing tube termed a snorkel, and normally swimfins. In more lukewarm waters, a wetsuit may additionally be worn. Use of this swimming equipment enables the snorkeler to see underwater sea attractions such as coral reefs for extended periods with comparatively little trouble and to breathe while face-down at the water surface. In this post, we will let you know of the List of the best snorkeling in us virgin islands in the US.

Coki Point Beach (St. Thomas)

On the north shore of popular St. Thomas, Coki Point gives superb year-round snorkeling experience. Explore the great coral ledges near Coral World’s underwater skyscraper.

Hurricane Hole (St. John)

You may not instantly think of a sea mangrove forest as an excellent place to snorkel out, but here the coral grows in abundance on the mangrove roots—accompanied by enormous starfish, sponges (and not to forget the hawksbills that feed on them), and some anemones. It’s really magical. SerenaSea operates snorkeling and sightseeing trips out of Coral Bay to the Hurricane Hole.

Waterlemon Cay/Leinster Bay (St. John)

Easily approachable Leinster Bay seaside beach, on the northern coast of St. John, grants a calm, clear, and uncrowded waters swarming with loads of spectacular sea life.

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Haulover Bay (St. John)

A favorite spot with friendly locals, this small sea bay is rougher than Leinster we mentioned above, with a pebbly shore side. The snorkeling, nevertheless, is dramatic, with walls, ledges, and nooks to explore.

Cane Bay (St. Croix)

It is One of the island’s most high-grade diving and snorkeling places is off this breezy, north-shore coast beach. On a perfect day, you can swim out some 450 feet to see the spectacular Cane Bay Wall, which descends dramatically off to the subterranean waters below you. Multicolored fish, plus elkhorn and also brain coral, thrive in this area.

Buck Island (off St. Croix)

This tiny US island, whose land and maritime waters together are very classified as a national masterpiece, lies some 2 miles off the north coast of popular St. Croix. More than 250 documented species of great to see fish swim through its untouched reef system. A species of corals, sponges, and crustaceans further inhabit the area.

Norman Island and the Indians (B.V.I.)

Snorkel the tranquil waters of the Bight next to Norman Island. Bring a plenty of bread to draw the reef fish to the sea surface when you snorkel the deep coastal waters around the Indians—some four fingers of rock projecting out of the sea and solely accessible by boat.

The Baths (Virgin Gorda)

It’s often overwhelmed with big boats, but the Baths—also nearby beaches, Spring Bay and the Devil’s Bay spots—are still mind-blowingly glorious and the shallow crystalline waters and caves a pleasant place to explore by snorkel.

best Tips for Beginners

  • Wear Your Mask Properly
  • learn how to defog
  • Always practice your breathing
  • Know Your Limits
  • Don’t go out alone

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