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List of best loan apps in US-top payday apps for ios and android 2024

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best loan apps in US-top payday apps

Let’s face it, how many times in your life have you ever been in a situation when you essentially need cash, and your salary is there not expected in the next week or two or even longer? Check our list of best loan apps in US-top payday apps for ios and android 2024.

If you need some extra cash between paychecks, there is no necessity to visit the bank in person anymore. At any time when you require additional capital just use the application. The mobile app Brigit will enable receiving loans up to $250 in only one single click!

best loan apps in US-top payday apps

Rank List of payday Loan apps
1 Bright
2 Speedy Cash
3 Lending Stream
4 PayActiv
5 CashnetUsa
6 Earnin

ACE Cash Express Mobile Loans

8 MoneyLion
9 Dave


The benefits of the Brigit application:

  • Easy registration and quick approval;
  • Brigit app works with most banks;
  • Quick Connection to your salary bank account;
  • Receive cash automatically when your balance is around $0;
  • Get smart signals if you haven’t enough for upcoming expenses;
  • You will be informed when your balance changes;
  • Save hundreds in overdraft fees.

Speedy Cash

Agree, in the era of information technology, when our smartphone is literally our whole life and demands – our friends, finance, communication, entertainment, – this opportunity is most welcome. The Speedy Cash mobile application helps to get a short-term loan. You just need to register by clicking the Apply Now button.best loan apps in US-top payday apps-speedy cash

The benefits of the application:

  • After a simplistic registration, any user can apply for a loan;
  • You will get announcements for important reminders;
  • All payments are secure;
  • You can easily change a due date;
  • Manage your account and follow the current loan info;
  • You can ask for a loan refinance;
  • Enter your neighborhood and find the nearest Speedy Cash offices.

Lending Stream

As a rule, it is human nature to plan your daily expenses in accordance with the amount of cash earned. However, unforeseen circumstances often interfere in this planning process, and you are not always able to cope with it. In this situation, we advise downloading Lending Stream mobile application on your smartphone.

best loan apps in US-top payday apps-lending stream

The benefits of the application:

It is the most used provider of short-term loans currently;
Easily apply for a quick new loan right in the app;
All your loans seen at your fingertips in account summary;
View the details of your Lending Stream loans (loan documents, loan amount, payment schedule, amount due, full balance, and more);
It is possible to repay early if you wish, without any penalty.


Events may be of a different nature: funds may be necessary both for treatment in a hospital and for a hot ticket tour to the fancied resort. What to do in the event that the salary is not soon, and the cash is needed “just yesterday”? First of all, it is necessary to cancel the option of lending in banks. The choice to issue even a small amount in several banks is made no so fast as you want.

best loan apps in US-top payday apps-payactive

It’s obvious to foresee that a person will obtain the necessary loan from this institution exactly on payday when the demand for it disappears. Seeking help from your friends is a very dubious idea: usually, they themselves may experience economic difficulties. You can now obtain up to half the funds you’ve earned but not yet been given when you need it the most with PayActiv.

The benefits of the loan application:

  • Simple to register and use;
  • The app can be used only by employees of select businesses that offer PayActiv;
  • You will be given additional services such as savings, bill pay, and budgeting tool, discounts, financial health counseling.


CashNetUSA is the now best payday loan application in our list according to existing consumers reviews. It has a total of 4,7 rating. You can apply for a loan right from your mobile device.

Such an easy solution to the problem is an excellent opportunity not to adapt to the payment of salaries, but to spend money when the necessity arises.

best loan apps in US-top payday apps-cashnet usa

The benefits of the CashNetUSA application:

  • Apply for a quick loan in seconds;
  • Check loan balance, details, loan status;
  • View loan history;
  • Get quick reminders and account status updates through nonintrusive push notifications or even set calendar reminders;
  • Make payments on the fly using this app;
  • Fast and easy support.


The idea of mobile application developers is as simple as it’s intelligent. The Earnin mobile service enables workers with hourly earnings to use already earned income before paying their salaries. At the user’s application, the funds obtained instantly go into his bank account. The financing limit is 500 dollars. Moreover, by the way, customers themselves choose how much they desire to pay for using the application. Millions of users have welcomed the app.

best loan apps in US-top payday apps-earnin

The benefits of the application:

  • A free mobile application Earnin allows you to get an access to your salary at any time that is best convenient for you – without anticipating for a salary;
  • The service doesn’t charge any fee or interest. Earnin just requires you to pay what you consider fair;
  • The startup collaborates with large companies, which frequently work on hourly wages;
  • You only require to document employment with an associate company and attach a valid credit card number;
  • Next, you can pick any amount within $ 500, and after a few minutes, you will get money on the card;
  • Remember that on payday you will receive a little less because you yourself took the online advance payment;
  • So far, this startup works only in the United States.

ACE Cash Express Mobile Loans

ACE Cash Express Mobile Loans is a bright tool which you can use to apply and maintain loans right from your gadget. It will be suitable for both new and returning customers.

How frequently has it happened that there is still a week before salary, but there is no cash anymore? ACE Cash Express Mobile Loans clients have already forgotten about these circumstances.

best loan apps in US-top payday apps-acecashexpress

The benefits of the application:

  • With this app, you can find ACE Cash Express stores by zip code or State and City. There are over 900 stores in total;
  • Get complete information about each store, find the nearest to your location, see it on the map, read about on-site services and products or contact it directly;
  • Easy and quick apply for a loan using the loan app;
  • It is possible to make real-time loan payments or even scheduled future one-time or recurring payments on your loans.


MoneyLion is another common service for Android and iOS devices. Are you in need of a loan option to increase your credit score? We have the right solution! MoneyLion presents with rewards which useful to redeem gift cards. Additionally, customized financial solutions are provided to the payday loan buyers and get your personal free checking as well as an investment account.

best loan apps in US-top payday apps-money lion

The benefits of the Money Lion application:

  • Free to register for all customers;
  • Get up to 12% of rewards in cash back;
  • Personal loans up to $50 000;
  • You will get your loan in just a matter of seconds, not days!


Dave is a novel application that we recommend to install. It’s effortless to use and convenient. If you want a little extra cash till payday, you can always open Dave and collect your $75 advance.


The benefits of the application:best loan apps in US-top payday apps-dave app

  • It doesn’t need a credit check when giving payday loans;
  • You will get all notifications about low balance;
  • No interest whatsoever, only $1 subscription every month;
  • Super smooth to use and get a loan.

Life has become so swift, and it changes dramatically from day to day. Our demands for growth have also been revolutionized significantly. In this busy lifestyle, we regularly get cash, and we don’t even have much time to acquire money from a bank or from a friend. So what to do?

A special payday mobile loans application – the solution to such ‘petty’ problems. This makes it effortless to get a loan without fuss. The only thing that you need is to just connect to the Internet anytime, any place and install one of the payday loan apps from our selection.

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