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Top 10 Best Songs by Jacquees 2021

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Best Songs by Jacquees

This complete list guide features the top 10 best songs by Jacquees. The R&B singer and songwriter comes from Decatur, Georgia.

In 2014, he signed a record and management contract with the Cash Money Records. His 2016 song single, “B.E.D.,” was on the Billboard charts for 7 weeks, peaking at position 69. His debut album, 4275, was officially released on June 15, 2018.

Jacquees has worked with various other artists in the genre, including Chris Brown, Young Thug, Trey Songz, Donnell Jones, T.I., Jermaine Dupri, and Wale.

1. B.E.D

“B.E.D” was a single song released as part Jacquees’ 2016 mixtape Mood. “The ‘B.E.D.’ hook, a part of it comes from Avant’s ‘Read Your Mind,’ when he stated, ‘I know you wanna love,’ he said the same thing,” singer Jacquees this explained to Genius. “Then we took that, and we simply flipped it. He added some more seasoning to it. However, Avant is still the originator. Big shout out to Avant because he cleared the record. He revealed to me love.”

Jacquees wrote the melody with ForteBowie at Atlanta’s 11th Street studio while Nash B provided the beat. Jacquees summoned:

“We were vibing. Me and Forte, we were running on some more music records, because I think I had just done a song I had on Mood. We were vibing. As soon as I listened to the beat, I have sung the hook immediately. Me and Forte went and worked out that part collectively, ‘I know you wanna love, but I just wanna f–k. And lady you know the deal, I gotta keep it real.’ We did it off the cut and then we came back out of the booth because we go in the booth together and I remember Forte was like, ‘We got to talk some s–t.’”

2. At The Club ft Dej Loaf

The song “At The Club” was officially released on February 10, 2017 and features out Best Songs by Jacquees. “At the Club” had such success in such a small part due to frequent collaborator DeJ Loaf’s sleekly tag-teaming guest vocal. Detroit’s Dej Loaf & Cash Money R&B vocalist Jacquees pulled up for a new 13-track mixtape named Fuck A Friend Zone, which featured the single “At The Club”.

3. You

“You” is a song by American renowned singer Jacquees and is off of the “Before Anythang” soundtrack and was highlighted on Jacquees and Birdman’s new album, “Lost At Sea 2”. The lyric details that Jacquees needs to be with his woman, even though she doesn’t have any more time for him.

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“Whenever I compose music, especially with this one, it was always somebody on my mind. Always. That is how I get inspired. That is how it comes out of me. I have to be honest. I have to be true. That’s when I make the best music.” states Jacquees.

3. You Belong To Somebody Else featuring Dej Loaf

“You Belong To Somebody Else” was officially released on February 10, 2017. Detroit’s Dej Loaf stars on the track as both artists teamed up for a 13-track mixtape named Fuck A Friend Zone.

4. Come Thru ft Rich Homie Quan

The song was officially released on March 25 of 2014. On “Come Thru” Jacquees employs candy metaphors to symbolize the implications towards sex and inappropriate actions. Part of his mixtape, Mood, it stars rapper Rich Homie Quan as he breaks out some melodies to open the cut.

5. Inside ft Trey Songz

“Inside” was officially released on March 18, 2018 and was produced by ForteBowie. It is part of his debut album 4275 as he joins up with Trey Songz. Here, The two of them prove to be a wonderful duo together and this serves as their first collaborative effort.

It isanother song in Jacquees record that shows the potential he has, and it is clear that when his album drops, he will blow up into a more significant figure in the music industry.

6. MIA ft Birdman

“MIA” was officially released on November 16, 2018, and stars rapper Birdman. Part of the music collaborative Lost At Sea 2 project. Lost At Sea 2, is a follow-up album to their 2016 project ie Lost At Sea.

“Let’s take a ride down the Ocean/Girl we could slide to the fifteen,” Musician Jacquees sings on the smooth music track. “Go get some breakfast at Big Pink/Girl it is a vibe when you with me!” Even though there is no verse from Birdman, he features with a few ad-libs.

7. Presidential ft Birdman

“Presidential” was officially released on November 12, 2018 and makes our list of Best Songs by Jacquees. It is the very first track on the Lost At Sea 2 album part of a collaborative music project with Birdman.

8. London

“London” was officially released on June 15, 2018. Produced by Nash B the song single is the latest publicity off the Cash Money crooner’s stellar debut album 4275.

Jacquees formerly recorded the song in London, and by the demand of many fans, he retreated to the U.K. to shoot the music video directed by MGMTMMG.

9. Hold You Down (Remix)

Jacquees officially released “Hold You Down” on January 15 of 2015, and was produced by Yak Beats.

10. 23


“23” was officially released on June 15 of 2018, and was published by Donell Jones. This is the fourth song of Jacquees première studio album,4275.


Jacquees has been suffering a bit of backlash after declaring to be the “King of R&B,” and has also had to issue an apology to legendary musician Keith Sweat for his comments. Lowering even the ratings of Best Songs by Jacquees that we mentioned.

In addition to his King of R&B backlash, a petition to stop the musician from doing any more covers of famous songs has amassed almost 45,000 signatures since its production by a man named Ricky Fields

Covers Jacquees has released include Soul 4 Real’s “Candy Rain” and Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana,” as well as his cover of Ella Mai’s “Trip.” The latter song remix was surrounded by controversy following her label, 10 Summers, had his remix lifted on all streaming platforms.

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