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Best Steakhouses in New York: The top 10

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Best Steakhouses in New York

Steakhouses are a common sight around NYC streets. All you have to do is select the very best for yourself, family or friends. Restaurants have evolved over time and the dining areas are quite unique and match the dining environments and the dishes themselves, which is pretty amazing. Which are the best steakhouses in New York? Read on because we have the right choices.

Top Steakhouses NYC

1. The Strip House

This village neighborhood boasts a comprehensive menu that is only surpassed by (and barely) by its boys center mod decor. Each dish on the menu is carefully crafted by globally certified chefs that prepare every steak with a bright Strip House signature. Begin off with the Steak Tartare (at just $21). This purse-sized hand-cut filet mignon connects you with a thrust of cornichon, horseradish-egg yolk jam, and pickled red pearl onion.

When you’re done with the first tartare, take on to the classic New York Strip 16 oz. (At just $53) And then the Filet Mignon Strip 8 oz. (At $50). The New York Strip is named a classic for apparent reasons. This well-made dish is chewy when requested for medium-rare and packed with taste. The Filet Mignon is the champ here with a tenderness that resembles a newborn. Every bite will take you to steak happiness and make you wonder about the authenticity of veganism.

Now Side both steaks with this Strip House Potatoes (At $13), Sautéed Wild Mushrooms (At $14) and Mac & Cheese (At $13). Every side mirrors the prosperity of its master companion. Beat off your night stay and unbutton your first button with the famous Strip House Signature 24-Layer Chocolate Cake (At $18). This fabulous piece of cake has 24-layers of chocolate goodness.

Address:13 E 12th St, New York 10003 

Phone: 212.328.0000

Best Steakhouses in New York: The top 10,the strip house

2. Porter House Bar and Grill

This is another reputable steakhouse in New York with an extensive menu that will make you come back again and again, trust me. 

A native New Yorker, Chief Chef Michael Lomonaco has settled his career lauding the bounty of the American food at some of the NY city’s most iconic eateries including the ‘21’, Windows on the World, Guastavino’s, and the Wild Blue before opening Porter House back in 2006.
Michael is additionally one of the original Travel Channel and Food Network chef personalities with his popular shows Michael’s Place and Epicurious. His Fans can still find him on TV today, as he does regular appearances on the ABC’s The Chew, and also on The Today Show, among other top TV shows.
Along with Porter House Bar and Grill, Michael is the chef and associate of Center Bar; the modern cocktail parlor also established on the 4th floor at The Shops at the Columbus Circle.

Address: 10 Columbus Cir., New York, NY, 10019
Phone: 212-823-9500

Porter House Bar and Grill steakhouse

3. Keens Steakhouse

The walls ceiling are attached with tobacco pipes, some from so long-ago Keens regulars as Teddy Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, and J.P. Morgan. Even in these nonsmoking times, you can catch a scent of the restaurant’s 120-plus ages of history.

Two working fireplaces, Beveled-glass doors, and a forest’s worth of dull wood suggest a period when “Diamond Jim” Brady heaped his table with slabs of seared beef, bushels of oysters, and troughs of ale. The table still includes the steakhouse’s traditional three-inch-thick mutton chop (think of a saddle of lamb but with a bit more punch) and a porterhouse (That is for two or three) that holds its own against any other steak in the city.

Address: 72 W 36th St 
New York 

Best Steakhouses in New York: The top 10

4. Cote

Korean food as a combination has grown in breadth and enthusiasm in recent years, but nothing has witnessed a boost quite like the Korean barbecue. A picture once regulated to soju-sloshed karaoke joints, and kalbi holes-in-the-wall K-BBQ has fast risen through the culinary ranks, making fine-dining finesse to the crowd-pleasing tradition and bringing close food-world stars like Anthony Bourdain and David Chang to outlets such as Insa and Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong.

Cote—a silky and slightly insensitive Flatiron District effort from Mr. Simon Kim of the Michelin-starred Piora—is the newest in the upswing. Set only ten blocks south of K-Town proper, the eatery is deliberately billed as a “Korean steakhouse,” a difference felt in its stylish decor (large horseshoe booths,marble-topped bar) and the starters you’d more possibly find at an all-American food temple than at a bulgogi grill. But chef David Shim—who gained expertise in both meaty preparations, at the oddball Queens chophouse M. Wells Steakhouse and also the upscale K-BBQ concept Kristalbelli—tricks out the essential shrimp cocktail with gochujang-spiked tartar sauce (For$16) and studs the steak tartare with some cubes of Asian pear (For $18).

Like any other serious beef house in town, Cote boasts a downstairs dry-aging chamber stocked with a hanging steak and neon-red lighting, similar to a scene out of a Tarantino flick. Such delicious steaks are available à la carte but more commonly as the starring Butcher’s Feast (For $45), a flashy cover of seasonal banchan, two stews (a charmingly sour kimchi diversity and a fermented soy potage bobbing with some tofu) and a daily-changing circle of four steaks fired on gold-rimmed stand grills.

Address: 16 W 22nd St 
New York 

Best Steakhouses in New York: The top 10

5. Sparks Steak House 

In our humble, extremely subjective view, the signature $55 prime sirloin at this ancient midtown food joint is the very best single cut of steak in the whole city. Order it fast at the bar before the supper rush, while viewing the first pitches of the Yankees game, with a tumbler of inky red fine wine from the restaurant’s remarkable cellar, and you will feel the rumbling, beefeater ghosts of the NY city — from Paulie Castellano all way down to the great Diamond Jim Brady himself — sprouting up all around you.

Address: 210 E 46th St, New York, NY 10017, USA

Phone: +1 212-687-4855

Sparks Steak House NYC

6. Gallagher’s Steak House

If you desire to get close to the origin of your flavored steak, take a walk past Gallagher’s glass-enclosed street-side food locker. Inside there, the mustily masculine restaurant draws a largely male customers with its great wooden bar and photos of (mostly female) celebrities on the decorated walls. The uncomplicated but extensive menu holds fewer surprises, though clients are pleased to find that the aged meat is flamed over hickory logs. The sirloin was more real marbled and even more flavorful than the promoted porterhouse; the creamed spinach extra was watery and bland. But quibbles are for the wimps. Stare down a few facets of beef in that closet, and keep eating.

Address: 228 W 52nd St 
New York 

Best Steakhouses in New York: The top 10

7. Quality Meats

True to its name, Quality Meats restaurant gets its quality beef from two esteemed purveyors: Milton Abeles and Strassburger Meats. The food gets a tad obscure in the entrée segment: There are meats (lamb, filet mignon, rib eye, ) and then there are also custom “butcher’s cuts”—just like the pricey 64-ounce dragon cut for two connected to a Flintstones-sized rib.

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Glorious meat needs exceptional preparation—and chef Craig Koketsu (Lespinasse) captures the candid steaks, but he gets into a problem when he adds more than any plate requirements. In “the three filets,” he shares a 12-ounce filet mignon into different four-ounce meat cuts and then converts them into steak au poivre (really more sweet than the peppery), beef Wellington (that wears a token piece of coat) and the beef Oscar-style (decorated with crabmeat and a cream flavoring).

The desserts are really high-concept—perhaps overly so—and arranged into three categories: ice creams, pies, and tarts . The pecan, chocolate and bourbon mixture “pie” turned out to be totally crustless and way extra boozy. The homemade ice creams, nonetheless, were excellent; the coffee studded with donut pieces and climaxed with a tiny, fluffy donut.

Address: 57 W 58th St 
New York 

Best Steakhouses in New York: The top 10,quality meats

8. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

It was a real gamble for Wolfgang Zwiener, the previous Peter Luger waiter, to start his own steakhouse in midtown back in 2004, and even riskier still for him to attempt an offshoot of his own branch. But this is one of the most reliable (albeit priciest) restaurants of its kind. While space doesn’t really have the Guastavino ceiling tiles which make the Park Avenue spot so attractive, it is much larger and roomier and has its own sleek and dark-wood elegance.

The kitchen draws out all the classics—sautéed or steamed broccoli, shrimp or crabmeat cocktail, mozzarella and beefsteak-tomato salad, creamed spinach, —but likewise offers some delicious alternatives; the German potatoes (they are baked to a crisp with stir-fried onions) are a pleasant change of pace if you’re thinking onions rings and/or cooked potatoes. Most significant, the steaks kick ass: They are super thick, juicy and charred enough to be tasty without tasting like carbon. Big gatherings can order porterhouses for two, three or even four; solo guests can dig into a sirloin, filet mignon, or rib-eye and not feel like they are getting the second-best piece on the menu. Oenophiles will relish the hefty bottle choice, but there is no written list of wines by the glass—a minor flaw to the eatery.

Address: 409 Greenwich St 
New York 

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

9. Old Homestead Steakhouse

Established in 1868 as a dockworkers’ chophouse, this clubby enterprise attracts a laid-back New York party (The Meat Packing’s glamazons need not apply). But even the finicky eaters would be influenced by starters such as a tender-as-sashimi seared yellowfin tuna dish, and by ever-fresh fresh bar selections. Furthermore, folks come here for the mouthwatering beef. Spring for the delicious strip steak, or a well-seasoned prime meat rib or 40-day dry-aged steak made for two. Any way you slice it, this steakhouse stalwart withstands the test of time.

Address: 56 Ninth Ave 
New York 

Best Steakhouses in New York: The top 10

10. Empire Steak House

For the best New York steakhouse experience, you should look no further than the Empire Steak House. Begin with an hors d’oeuvre like their jumbo shrimp cocktail (For $21.95), a Maryland crab cake (For $18.95) and French onion soup (For $8.95). Carnivores might have a hard time picking on the main course, though—options include a Kobe burger (For $28.95), dry-aged emperor’s steak for two (For $129.95) or a twelve-ounce Wagyu steak (For $275). Chilean sea bass (For $35.95) and spaghetti with lobster (For $36.95) might tempt seafood enthusiasts, too. There are lots of steakhouse sides to go with your select meat, like truffled mac and cheese (For $15.95), creamed spinach (For $10.95) and a jumbo baked potato (For $6.95). If you somehow you still have room for sweets, the dessert table is also quite extensive, and you will love it, with treats like apple strudel a la mode (For $13.95), chocolate lava cake (For $9.95).

Address: 237 W 54th St 
New York 

Best Steakhouses in New York

Have you visited any of these places before? Or do you know of other Steakhouses in New York where we can all have some good steak? Let us hear it from you too.


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