List of best US Kite boarding spots for beginners and pros

best US Kite boarding spots

4. Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Best wind season: Early June-Late September

Pros of the spot: Beautiful natural area, reliable and robust wind.

Cons of the spot: Cool water, very crowded at times, currents, choppy water.

Local knowledge of the location: A genuinely ideal place to kiteboard in the United States. On a good sunny summer day, this field can be convoluted with biters so please be gracious and share. The wind pumps here! Go fishing while you are in Oregon.

3. The Florida Keys, Florida

Best wind season: October-Early May

Pros of location: Clear and warm water, perfect flat-water, no crowds, lots of spots.

Cons of location: No waves, sharks.

Local knowledge of spot: Drive south from Miami and access the famous region known as the Florida Keys. There are countless places to kite on the way down to Key West. Have your mind blown by the crystal clear water and miles upon miles of deserted perfection. However, do your homework in a reasonable place to visit. There is not a lot of stuff to do outside of water fun so reconsider leaving the non-kiting spouse at home.

2. Maui, Hawaii

Best wind season: February-October (Can be good all year).

Pros of location: volcano hikes, surfing, Very consistent trade winds, waves, beautiful island.

Cons of location: Can be expensive, long flight.

Local knowledge of the spot: Maui is an epicenter of wind-powered sports in the entire United States. Boasting some of the most consonant and strongest wind in the whole world, Maui is a must. There are some budget hotel choices in town for kiters that did not take my earlier piece advice and have since lost their careers because of excessive kiteboarding travel.

Moreover, some companies will drive you to the top of the volcano with a hired bike and let you navigate down the mountain at your own pace. If you attend during winter and there is a monster swell, head over to Jaws and watch people surf and kite giant waves. You may never want to leave this place.

Moreover, my top destination for kiteboarding in the US is:

1. Outer Banks, North Carolina

Best wind: Late February-November

Pros: Waves and perfect flat-water, remote, perfect beaches.

Cons of location: Not much nightlife.

Local knowledge of the spot: Ranking as my number 1 place to kiteboard in the United States is the barrier island string known as the Outer Banks. Found along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in eastern North Carolina, this remote and peaceful area of the country is heaven and simply one of the top kiteboarding destinations in the United States.

The water temperature is delightful from May to the month of September, and no wetsuit is needed. Similar to South Padre Island in Texas, this area offers wave-riding in the Atlantic Ocean and smooth flat-water riding on the inside of the islands. The Outer Banks are preferred to South Padre since the angle of the islands shifts drastically as one moves north to south.

This allows a greater diversity of wind angles concerning the surf for wave riders. In the fall, this site can provide insane broad riding conditions during a hurricane swell. The Outer Banks is simply home to some very exciting kiteboarding schools and the world famous Triple S competition so put this spot on your bucket list.

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