List of best zoos in the United States 2020

Get an up-close look at wild creatures in natural settings at America's top animal parks

6. Best Zoos in the United States.: Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo, which is Chicago’s largest zoo, unlocked its doors in 1934 and today gives a home to over 2,300 animals from 450 species that enjoy naturalistic environments spread over 216 acres. The zoo is renowned for using ditches and moats rather than cages to protect both visitors and animals. It is the first US zoo to have enormous giant pandas and the first to endeavor into an indoor dolphin exhibit. In 1980, Brookfield Zoo opened the primary indoor rainforest habitat as well as the world’s biggest indoor exhibit. The most notable exhibitions are Feathers, Australia House, and Clouded Leopard Rainforest, Scales, Big Cats, Fragile Desert, among countless others. The zoo offers numerous activities, such as zoo camps and backstage adventures.

Address;8400 W 31st St, Brookfield, IL 60513, Phone: 708-688-8000

7. Henry Doorly Zoo

The Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is a vast zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, declared by TripAdvisor as the “world’s best zoo.” The zoo is famous for its work in animal research and conservation. Founded in 1894, today the zoo provides a home to more than 17,000 animals from 962 different species. The Omaha zoo has the biggest cat complex in North America. Kingdom of the Night is the biggest indoor swamp and nocturnal display in the world, while the Lied Jungle is one of the biggest world’s indoor rainforests. Desert Dome, placed under a giant glazed geodesic dome, is one of the largest indoor deserts in the world as a whole. The zoo’s latest resident is a baby giraffe, born in May 2017.

Address;3701 S 10th St, Omaha, NE 68108, Phone: 402-733-8401

8. Top zoos in the US: Houston Zoo

The Houston town Zoo is a 55-acre zoo found in Hermann Park in Houston and is home to more than 6,000 animals depicting more than 900 different species. The zoo is famous for supporting several conservation projects that work towards the continuance of endangered wildlife and endangered habitats, in Texas and even all over the world. Some of the most endangered species the zoo works with a Bornean orangutan, clouded leopard, the Texas sea turtle, gorilla, Attwater’s prairie chicken, African lion, Galapagos tortoise, elephant, and many others. Stroll through the astonishingly realistic African Forest and see ostriches, chimpanzees, rhinos, Maasai giraffes, and zebras, separated only by a thin glass wall. Visit the huge Kip Aquarium with more than 200 marine varieties, including rescued sea turtles. The Carnivores display is home to African lions, African painted dogs, jaguar, Malayan tigers, and the rare maned wolf.

Address; 6200 Hermann Park Dr, Houston, TX 77030, Phone: 713-533-6500

9. Kansas City Zoo

Established in 1909, Kansas City Zoo is a 202-acre zoo placed in Swope Park in Kansas City, Missouri, US. The zoo provides a home to more than 1,300 animals and is regarded as one of the best zoos in America, due in particular to its 95-acre African animal’s exhibits, Australian animals exhibits, the exhibition titled Pachyderms: Hippos, Elephants, Rhinos, as well as the chimpanzee and kangaroo exhibits. The zoo is separated into five zones: Australia, The Valley, Africa, Tiger Trail, and the KidZone. Stroll leisurely through the amazingly realistic Orangutan Canopy and hear from the keepers about the lives of orangutans and how they keep them so busy and healthy, or just visit fascinating Helzberg Penguin Plaza and watch these funny penguins above and beneath the water.

Address;6800 Zoo Dr, Kansas City, MO 64132, Phone: 816-595-1234

10. Lincoln Park Zoo

Established in 1868, Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the oldest North American zoos. This 35-acre amazing zoo in Chicago’s Lincoln Park is one of the very few American zoos with free admission. The zoo is a home to more than 1,100 animals representing almost 200 species. The zoo’s realistic exhibits include polar bears, reptiles, monkeys, big cats, gorillas, penguins, and many other wild animals. In the center of the zoo is a burr oak tree that is even older than Chicago itself. Some of the most popular exhibits are Regenstein Center for African Apes, Regenstein African Journey, Farm-in-the-Zoo, Kovler Lion House, Helen Brach Primate House, McCormick Bird House, Nature Boardwalk, Kovler Sea Lion Pool, Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo, and Regenstein Small Mammal-Reptile House. Some of the babies that were born recently at the zoo are three baby snow monkeys, a Grévy’s zebra, and a baby Bactrian camel.

Address;2001 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60614-4757, Phone: 312-742-2000

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