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Where to find The Best Indian Restaurants in Chicago suburbs

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south indian restaurants in chicago

Chicago is well known for its distinct culinary scene, so it should come as no astonishment that it’s one of the greatest places in the country to get Indian food. Whether you’re looking for high-end tasting menus, traditional, homey dishes, or more contemporary takes on Indian cuisine in the Windy City, we’ve got you covered Many eateries are clustered along West Devon Avenue, where Indian and other South Asian communities have laid down roots but you’ll find incredible restaurants from all over the city in our list of Where to find The Best Indian Restaurants in Chicago.


The name Tiffin comes from a term used in India for the lunchtime meal, which has always been a highly valued part of the day. The owners of this West Devon Avenue business truly approach it as such, and have really succeeded – their restaurant has got two Silver Platter Awards, granted by the Illinois-based Food Industry News. Tiffin restaurant has an extensive menu featuring traditional ideals and if you’re new to Indian delicacy, fear not, because each menu piece has a detailed description of what to wait. Tiffin achieves to put together everything that you’re looking for in a restaurant – great food, a charming atmosphere, and really reasonable prices.

Address; Tiffin, 2536 West Devon Ave, Chicago, IL, USA,

Phone;+1 773 338 2143

Vegetarian curry

The cuisine from different regions in India ranges wildly, and at ‘The IG,’ as they call themselves, the menu is not restricted to just one region. For those who have difficulty deciding between all the options, they have special dinners put collectively with various courses in a way that accentuates all the flavors. Even better, they have dinner choices for many different dietary styles. Gluten-free?Vegetarian? Vegan? The IG has you fully covered.

address; The Indian Garden, 247 East Ontario St #2, Chicago, IL, USA,

Phone;+1 312 280 4910

Hema’s Kitchen

Hema herself is the proprietor of Hema’s Kitchen, and she has gone out of her way to make it a haven for everyone who comes in. The rates are reasonable, and the meals are perfect for sharing, so it’s a fabulous place to come and experience the flavors of India. Hema’s Kitchen is recognized for having very tasty food, so those who prefer milder fare are encouraged to ask for milder versions, which they will gladly prepare. If you are looking for the most home-cooked experience possible, Hema’s Kitchen is unmistakably the place to go.

address; Hemna’s Kitchen, 2439 West Devon Ave, Chicago, IL, USA,

Phone;+1 773 338 1627


The naansense restaurant gives visitors a bit of a distinctive spin on Indian food. Instead of the conventional preparations, Naansense gives you a chance to exercise your own creativity to put together blends of traditional flavors and ingredients. They have their own recommendations for Naanwiches (sandwiches with naan bread) salad bowls, roti rolls, and rice bowls, or you have the chance to determine your own meat or sauces, vegetable, and toppings. The chefs here were both raised in Western countries, but from Indian lineage, so this restaurant is their way of putting Indian food fairly into the 21st century.

Address; Naansense, 171 North Wells St, Chicago, IL, USA,

Phone;+1 312 578 8825


Uru-Swati is a genuine feast for your senses. When you walk in, your eyes will instantly register the beautifully painted walls – abundantly lively and cheerful. This restaurant concentrates in South Indian cuisine and gives you an outstanding chance to try a meal including the paratha, which is a flatbread eaten throughout South Asia. For a genuine treat that you can share with your friends, try a paper dosa, that is a thin crispy crepe, served with your own choice of filling and measuring in at about two feet.

address; Uru-Swati, 2629 West Devon Ave, Chicago, IL, USA,

Phone;+1 773 381 1010

Mysore Woodlands

Mysore Woodlands is also another incredible place to go and sample South Indian cuisine, and a great place to try any number of some dosas with very exciting fillings. They additionally offer uthappam, which is acknowledged to some as Indian pizza, as it is an extremely thick crepe with the toppings cooked directly into the batter. This kind of fast food can be tricky to find at many Indian restaurants in the States, but here they have different choices of different toppings, whether you’re looking for tasty, cheesy, or just plain. Mysore Woodlands further has specials for lunch and dinner that come with numerous courses, including dessert and all the seasonings and toppings important to perfectly bring out a range of flavors.

address; Address Mysore Woodlands, 2548 West Devon Ave, Chicago, IL, USA,

Phone;+1 773 338 8160

Ghareeb Nawaz

The menu details at Ghareeb Nawaz are so reasonable in cost that you’re bound to want to try more than just one. It’s not an overwhelmingly extended menu, but as this establishment has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, each meal is prepared with the kind of care and expertise that can only come from years of working to achieve it. Ghareeb Nawaz has an especially good collection of biryani or rice dishes. If you are bored with chicken or lamb, you can even have goat biryani. An extra delicious choice is the boneless butter chicken.

Address; Ghareeb Nawaz, 2032 West Devon Ave, Chicago, IL, USA,

Phone;+1 773 761 5300

India House

India House Restaurant gives the best of Indian cuisine. The recipes are all elegantly served with beautiful bowls and serving spoons, and the ambiance is perfect for a beautiful night out. The colors and seasonings will work together to warm you up even on the coldest Chicago winter days. One particular item to try at India House is their Hyderabadi Khana menu, which offers numerous recognizable choices like the various biryanis and curries cooked Hyderabadi style. This custom includes many interesting spices and flavor combinations, and the venue is a magnificent place to expand your Indian collection beyond the admittedly pleasant mainstays such as Lamb Rogan Josh and chicken tikka masala.

Address; India House, 59 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL, USA,

Phone; +1 312 645 9500south indian restaurants in chicago


The beautiful red and white center of Jaipur will make you feel as if you have stepped out of the Chicago area and into the subcontinent itself. Jaipur place is the beautiful capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan, and at the eatery, they do their best to capture the tastes of this ancient city in their cooking. They likewise make an effort to cook heart healthy, locally sourced meals and their huge menu has something to please even the pickiest eaters. Their tandoori dishes, cooked in their own tandoor oven, come particularly highly recommended. Not only can you get recipes such as tandoori chicken and lamb, but they additionally have seafood options like tiger prawns, Mahi, and lobster.

Address; Jaipur, 847 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL, USA,

Phone;+1 312 526 3655

Tandoor Char House

The chef here at Tandoor Char House brings both his Indian father’s and his Pakistani mother’s influences into his cooking before sharing his own special something to his amazing recipes. This is another awesome place to try some perfectly spicy and grilled meat from the tandoor, but one of the menu’s most interesting features is the fusion part, where you can find things like fajitas with Indian flavors, a chicken tikka pizza, or penne tikka masala. You can find another great fusion option in the dessert section, with the delicious mango cheesecake, which includes a ginger cookie crust.

address; Tandoor Char House, 2652 N Halstead St, Chicago, IL, USA,

Phone;+1 773 327 2652

Now whenever you miss some home delicacy, simply walk into one of these amazing eateries and enjoy your meal. don’t forget to tell us your experience in the comments section below.

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