Where to find The Best Indian Restaurants in Chicago suburbs

south indian restaurants in chicago

Phone;+1 773 338 8160

Ghareeb Nawaz

The menu details at Ghareeb Nawaz are so reasonable in cost that you’re bound to want to try more than just one. It’s not an overwhelmingly extended menu, but as this establishment has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, each meal is prepared with the kind of care and expertise that can only come from years of working to achieve it. Ghareeb Nawaz has an especially good collection of biryani or rice dishes. If you are bored with chicken or lamb, you can even have goat biryani. An extra delicious choice is the boneless butter chicken.

Address; Ghareeb Nawaz, 2032 West Devon Ave, Chicago, IL, USA,

Phone;+1 773 761 5300

India House

India House Restaurant gives the best of Indian cuisine. The recipes are all elegantly served with beautiful bowls and serving spoons, and the ambiance is perfect for a beautiful night out. The colors and seasonings will work together to warm you up even on the coldest Chicago winter days. One particular item to try at India House is their Hyderabadi Khana menu, which offers numerous recognizable choices like the various biryanis and curries cooked Hyderabadi style. This custom includes many interesting spices and flavor combinations, and the venue is a magnificent place to expand your Indian collection beyond the admittedly pleasant mainstays such as Lamb Rogan Josh and chicken tikka masala.

Address; India House, 59 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL, USA,

Phone; +1 312 645 9500south indian restaurants in chicago


The beautiful red and white center of Jaipur will make you feel as if you have stepped out of the Chicago area and into the subcontinent itself. Jaipur place is the beautiful capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan, and at the eatery, they do their best to capture the tastes of this ancient city in their cooking. They likewise make an effort to cook heart healthy, locally sourced meals and their huge menu has something to please even the pickiest eaters. Their tandoori dishes, cooked in their own tandoor oven, come particularly highly recommended. Not only can you get recipes such as tandoori chicken and lamb, but they additionally have seafood options like tiger prawns, Mahi, and lobster.

Address; Jaipur, 847 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL, USA,

Phone;+1 312 526 3655

Tandoor Char House

The chef here at Tandoor Char House brings both his Indian father’s and his Pakistani mother’s influences into his cooking before sharing his own special something to his amazing recipes. This is another awesome place to try some perfectly spicy and grilled meat from the tandoor, but one of the menu’s most interesting features is the fusion part, where you can find things like fajitas with Indian flavors, a chicken tikka pizza, or penne tikka masala. You can find another great fusion option in the dessert section, with the delicious mango cheesecake, which includes a ginger cookie crust.

address; Tandoor Char House, 2652 N Halstead St, Chicago, IL, USA,

Phone;+1 773 327 2652

Now whenever you miss some home delicacy, simply walk into one of these amazing eateries and enjoy your meal. don’t forget to tell us your experience in the comments section below.

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